Trends & Scenario Group is based in Copenhagen and this site is dedicated to improving the practices of dialogue-based long-term strategic scenario planning processes. Today, scenario planning  is practiced in over half of Fortune 500 companies and can be found in businesses, the sciences, communities and public policy, and Trends & Scenario Group is a thought and practice leader in the area of future foresight.

All client interactions are confidential. Espionage services are not within Trends & Scenario Group’s scope of services and requests for such services will be rejected.

Trends & Scenario Group is led by Matthew Spaniol, a scenario planning expert and formerly a foresight analyst at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, was trained in the US Army Reserve Officer Training Corps and previously a mortgage broker. He is from Minnesota and resides in Copenhagen, Denmark. Visit Matthew’s LinkedIn profile here.

Matthew can be reached at matthew.spaniol (at) gmail.com

or at tel. +45 5012 6444