Imagine you are the pilot of a space plane…

Scenario Planning in an accelerating operational environment

Imagine you are the pilot of a space plane. As you leave the Earth’s atmosphere, your plane accelerates in the frictionless and gravity-free environment.  Fast and getting faster, you find yourself entering an asteroid field. What will determine success?

First, your plane must be agile enough to avoid the easy-to-avoid objects. Second, your plane must be robust enough to take a few blows and adjust accordingly. Third, if an object is too menacing, you must re-invent capabilities to warp into another dimension.

As we accellerate into the unknown, our foresight and strategic competencies will determine our survival. Scenario planning minimizes the impact of surprises on the business model by practicing the future. Depending on the scenario, the proper strategic response may be call for agility, robustness, or resilience. Are you prepared?


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